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My name is Susan Dash (please call me Sue). I was born in Wendover (UK) in 1956 and after completing my schooling and higher education in Community Health Services, i fell in love got married and started a family. Joining the rest of my family in 1981 who had previously emigrated in 1976 to South Australia continuing my career as Residential Child Care Worker with Special Needs Children. During this time i would often help to raise funds at events within these organisation by making handmade chocolates that would be given as prizes in raffles or as gifts to family members and friends. After moving to Queensland with the children, then finally relocating to Western Australia, i continued my studies with The Institute of Professional Councillors achieving a Major in Grief Counselling. I then went on to complete a Certificate 1V in Business (Governance). While completing my studies i continued with my hobby creating quantities of personalised handmade and hand decorated chocolates for family friends and small retail outlets. this hobby of handmade chocolate making very quickly turned into a full-time small business opportunity called Chocolate Drops Tearooms which, is located and is still operating within the picturesque Yanchep National Park I live close by in Yanchep, In 2011 i was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, i soon recognised the limitations of transport and difficulty of attending hospital appointments after surgery. I became the co-founder, and President of the Two Rocks Yanchep Assisted Cancer Travels Inc (TRYACT Inc.) in 2013, a registered charity with a subsidised transport service that local volunteer drivers , transport community members (who have received a cancer diagnosis) to the many diagnostic, medical and oncology treatment appointments at a variety of medical venues throughout the Perth CBD and surrounding townships. I was introduced to LJM Memorial Hospice from local community members and i am very much looking forward to the opportunity of further assisting with the establishment of a residential venue that provides peace, solace, care and consideration while adopting a sincere emphasis on the quality of life to all involved after all ‘Life is not just about living it is about dying as well’

Your sincerely Sue

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